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Working size of cm. 150x110.

Technical Data

The new model of XLMYQ-1500D not only has the traditional functions the automatic stripping and the die-cutting, but also owns the new function -the single stripping system, which can clean up all litters and wasteful edges (only excluded the gripper mouth) around the package box while die-cutting. 

Technical Features of model XLMYQ-1500D :

  • Stripping system is able to clean up all wasteful edges (only excluded gripper-mouth) around the package box while die-cutting.
  • It is easy to operate it because the stripping frame can be lifted electricity and it also has the center-positioning system to shorten the preparation time largely.
  • The stripping system adopts three-frame linkage structure to make stripping much more rational and meanwhile, it solves problems for the high-speed and loosen-version during the stripping.
  • The unique gripper-mouth separation-system makes the wasteful edge separate effectively and is also convenient for shifting between the die- cutting and stripping.
  • The high-precision cam structure guarantees the machine to run stably and smoothly, which is produced by the professional manufacturer.
  • Adopting the larger model of gripper chain increases 90 % tensile strength to make the machine?s continuous precision.
  • Safety system. The machine with four degree safety class has got CE certificate of high­speed and stable performance.
  • Electrical unit. Electronic elements made in Europe and panels with humanization control layout to ensure easy operation. Equipped constant Temperature Devices to ensure reliable working and prolong service life.
  • Feeding unit. Parallel move mechanism adopted ensures more reliable and steadier paper transfer at high speed. The machine adopts the automatic feeding and manual type, the user can choose the different type according to the sheets type and paper quality. Feeder with collision-prevention device. Adopt high-speed feeder with adjustable strong type suckers to guarantee stable and smooth paper feeding. Newly added ventilated function guarantees reliable high-speed paper transfer. Drive chain adopted in feeding unit to ensure stable run and reliable paper feeding. Gas spring for easy and convenient operation. Adjustable reduction unit for paper to front lay, helps to thinner paper positioning at high speed. Side lay with dual purpose for side positioning can be easily switched.
  • Movable Platform. Unique cast structure and specific working process ensure evenness and flatness and pressure-regulating time. Oil cooling system ensures constant pressure. Electrically pressure-regulating system ensures convenient and efficient regulating. Pressure -regulating can be achieved only by entering value.
  • Die-cutting unit. Worm shaft, worm wheel and crankshaft with unique working process greatly improve the service life of core components. Single gripper bar can be fine adjusted to achieve processing requirement.
  • Pneumatic clutch. Components made in Europe to lower noise and pneumatic impact for stable and safe running.
  • Front Lay. The front lay can be individually adjusted by four site for different paper processing requirement. Unique electrically pressure-regulating device realizes palte regulating in delivery unit, ensuring convenient and efficient front lay regulating. Values visually displayed on man-machine interface.
  • Stripping Unit. Three-frame linkage structure cooperates coordinately with accurate precision. Three frames located in the upper, the middle and the lower adopt the center-positioning system to operate easily. Adopting electric control lifting system makes the plate rectify much more convenient.
  • Delivering unit. Add foot-pressing preventer for further safety. Unique deceleration hairbrush ensures paper stopping stably. Tension device for drive chain of gripper bar prolongs the gripper bar s service life. Pneumatic sampling device for convenient sampling at any time with the machine running.
  • Gripper bar chain. The gripper bar uses special structure and materials, rotating in lower inertness. The unique gripper structure transfers the paper powerfully and strongly to guarantee good production precision under high-speed running. Adopting optimizing motion-trail and the improved motion- curve make gripper-bar run much more stably. Meanwhile, the larger model of gripper chain increases 90% tensile strength to make the machine's continuous precision.
  • Specification.



Max paper size

1500×1100 mm

Min paper size

550×500 mm

Max die-cutting size

1490×1090 mm

Max die-cutting speed

7500 s/h

Max stripping speed

4500 s/h

Max working pressure


Die-cutting precision

±0.5 mm

Max feeding pile

1600 mm

Max delivery pile

1450 mm

Sheet thickness

Corrugated paper - Cardboard,  max. 8 mm

White board 200 gr. - 2000 gr/m2

Net weight

19 T

Total power

21.50 Kw


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