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MULLER MARTINI NORMBINDER 3001/26. Year 1987 approx. . Ref. 227 SOLD - VENDUTA!!!


MULLER MARTINI NORMBINDER 3001/26. Year 1987 approx. .

Gathering machine mod. 256-E with 21+1 manual stations, no compressors (Venturi valves),

book block feeder Muller Martini, double Twin end Papering stations (one for signatures sewed with

heat seal and one for end sheets paper).

Transfer element in flow line to the 3001/26 with 26 clamps in cm. 51,

milling station, first spine vinilic glue tank, drying device with IR lamp,

second spine hotmelt glue tank (two shoot), vinilic side glue tank with disks,

gauzing station, cassette pile cover feeder, first nipping and pressing station,

drying device High Frequency mod. GEAF DHF year 1997 (CE marked) with siliconed belt

conveyor for spine book treatment, second nipping and pressing station,

lay down delivery to belt conveyor connected in flow line with drying tower station Solema 50 meters,

belts conveyor for other meters 25 approx. , emergency delivery Solema Switch, no three knife trimmer.

Two vinilic spine glue tanks and one vinilic spine glue tank as spare parts. Maximum working

size of mm. 510 x 320 x 70. Maximum mechanical speed of 10.000 cycles / hour.

All these equipments are still assembled and in working conditions,

test work is available before collection.

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