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Muller Martini Corona C12-31. Year 2004 (CE marked). Ref. 1634. SOLD - VENDUTA!!!


Muller Martini Corona C12-31. Year 2004 (CE marked).

Connected in flow line with gathering machine mod. 3695/24”, 9 stations (pile feeder) + manual station,

Automatic labels loading device mod. Delta Service ( year 1999);

n° 4 streamfeeder Muller Martini mod. 3738 (with extension) and with n° 2 streamfeeders 3738 as spare parts;

Steelwork track and gantry crane Demag with clamp OMG mod. PINZA (year 2004).

Book block feeder Solema mod. FastBook, signatures control device ASAC & ASIR (ASIR is not in function),

reject delivery mod. 3614, transfer to the binder with unit mod. 3641 + 3642 + 3543, Book

block feeder Muller Martini

Binder mod. Corona C12-31 (year 2004), 31 Kombi clamps  24”, Commander monitor mobile with keyboard,

milling stations with spine book working stations, two hotmelt spine gluing tanks (two shoot),

hotmelt side gluing unit, 3 premelters, Gauzing Station (roll gauze support is missing),

stream cover feeder, 2 pressing and nipping stations, lay-down delivery.

Belt conveyors with drying tower OMG 50 meters (year 2004) for total meter 75 (approximately) to emergency delivery,

by pass to book sawing Machine Muller Martini mod. 3501 (year 2003) with turn book device,

connected in flow line with Three knife trimmer Muller Martini Zenith-S 3672 (year 2003),

with stacker OMG mod. BlueStar (year 2004).

Automatic strapping machine mod. Mosca Tandem RO-TR500-4+RO-TRI-5 year 2007

(double machine for cross tie banding system), connected in flow line with

Automatic shrink wrapping machine mod. OMG Autofard 600-C (year 2004),

automatic palletizing machine mod. OMG PortaPack.

Technical features : Working size (spine book side), mm. 510 and minimum of mm. 140.

Working size (base book side), mm. 305 (mm. 310 for book block without cover) and

minimum of mm. 100. Maximum thickness of mm. 60 and minimum of mm. 3.

Maximum mechanical speed of 12.000 cycles per hour. This Perfect Binder line is still in

production and in good technical conditions, work test is available before collection.

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