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Kolbus KM 491.P. Systembinder. Year 2000. Ref. 97. VENDUTA - SOLD


Year 2000 

CE marked

Connected in flow line with gathering machine mod. Kolbus ZU-816 (Year 2000), 20 stations (with grippers)

signatures control device mod. Optigraf, separate criss/cross delivery Kolbus mod. ZA 800 with reject delivery,

air center Cabinet mod. Rietschle;

transfer elements to the binder with jogging station and

automatic book block feeder Solema mod. Fast Book with Auto Load (preloader),Year  2000.

Twin end papering stations mod. Kolbus VA 421 (connected in flow line),

with Nordson Vista hot melt device (two guns) and vacuum belts device.

Binder mod. KM 491.P Systembinder,Year  2000, Co-Pilot device (computer set-up), 32 clamps (cm. 51),

milling station, first hotmelt spine glue tank, drying station, second hotmelt spine glue tank (two shoot system),

hotmelt side gluing unit with disks, premelters Kolbus LH with glue level adjustment control,

PUR glue tank mod. Kolbus XNO 920 (Year 2000) with premelter, gauzing station, stream cover feeder,

double nipping & pressing stations, lay-down delivery.

Drying Tower Solema 50 meters (Year 2000), belt conveyors for 25 mt. mod. Solema with emergency delivery.

By-pass to the book sawing machine mod. Kolbus TR 160 (Year 2000) with turn books device.

Three knife trimmer Kolbus HD 151.P (Year 2000) with Co-Pilot device, stacker delivery mod. Rima RS-3310S (Year 2000).

This Perfect Binder line is still in production and in good technical condition.

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