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Wohlenberg City 4000. Year 2001. VENDUTA-SOLD


Age 2001.

CE Marked.

Connected in flow line with gathering machine mod. Sprinter 7009 (Year 2003).

20 station (n°8 gathering stations made inYear  2011) + 2 manual stations, separate criss/cross delivery.

Compressors, transfer element to the binder with Book-block feeder OMG mod. METTILIBRO (Year 2008).

Binder mod City 4000 (Year 2001) with 15 clamps, milling & notching stations, hotmel spine gluing unit,

hotmelt side gluing unit, premelters drum cover feeder, single pressing & nipping stations,

lay down delivery, working size of mm 370x320x50, max mechanical speed of 4.000 cycles/hour.

Belt conveyors for 10 meters ca. , drying tower Solema mod. Drying Statin 50 (50 meters,Year  2003).

Emergency delivery mod. Solema connected in flow line with three knife trimmer mod Wohlenberg Trim Tec 45 I (Year 2001),

rapid changeable plate tables, stacker delivery OMG mod. Cucciolo T (Year 2008).

All this Perfect Binder line is still in production and in very good techincal condition.

Test work available.

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