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Perfect Binding Machine MULLER MARTINI BOLERO B8 3028-26. Year 2007. VENDUTA - SOLD


Muller Martini Bolero B8 3028-26. Year 2007. CE marked.

Connected in flow line with gathering machine mod. 3693/24”, 21 stations (pile feeder), signatures control device ASAC & ASIR, reject delivery 3614.

Transfer element to the binder with book block feeder Solema mod. FastBook+AutoLoad (preloading device) year 2007,

Twin end Papering stations 3648 with Robatech Concept hot melt device (two guns)

Binder mod. Bolero B8 3028-26 with 26 clamps (mm. 510), computer Commander with monitor mobile colours touch screen & automatic book measuring device (make ready), milling & notching stations, first spine hotmelt glue tank, second spine hotmelt glue tank (two shoot), hotmelt side gluing unit, 3 premelters, gauzing station, drum cover feeder with inline cover creasing & folding feeder (making covers with flaps) mod. 3028,

 double nipping & pressing stations, lay-down delivery.

Minimum and maximum mechanical speed, 1.200 / 8.000 cycles per hour.

Minimum and maximum working size (spine book side), mm. 140 to mm. 510.

Minimum and maximum working size (base book side), mm. 100 to mm. 320.

Minimum and maximum thickness, mm. 2 e massimo di mm. 80.

Belts conveyor Solema for meters 35 approximately, plus Drying tower Solema 25 (year 2004) for meters 25 , emergency delivery mod. Solema,

single Knife Trimmer to cut face-side book with soft cover with flaps mod. SCS Easy Fly (year 2007), 

by-pass connection with book sawing machine Solema Unimec mod. Sierra (year 2004) with turn book device,

belts connection to the Three knife trimmer mod. Muller Martini Merit-S 3671 (year 2007), stacker delivery Muller Martini CB 16-3631 (year 2007).

Palletizing system device mod. Solema Pluton (year 2007).

 This Perfect Binder line is still assembled and in very good technical conditions, work test is available before collection.


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