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Perfect Binding Machine connected in flow line with Gathering Machine with 16 stations. rComputer set-up with colours touch screen.

Technical Data

Ref. 502. HEIDELBERG EUROBIND EB-D 4000. Year 2007.  CE marked.

Connected in flow line with gathering machine 16 stations + 1 manual station, electronic checking & reading signature device mod. OptiCam, separate criss / cross delivery, compressors, transfer element to the Binder. Binder mod. Eurobind EB-D 4000 with 18 clamps, pressing milling and notching stations, hotmelt spine glue tank, hotmelt side gluing unit with disks, premelters mod. Inatec, drum cover feeder, double pressing & nipping stations, Computer set-up with colours touch screen (software version Eurobind Pro), lay down delivery with curve conveyor 90° mod. Solema. Other belts conveyor and three knife trimmer are not available, we can offer good alternative solutions on request.

Maximum working size of mm. 450 x 320 (base book) x 60 (thickness).

Minimum working size of mm. 140 x 100 (base book) x 2 (thickness).

Maximum mechanical speed of 4.000 cycles per hour.  It’s

All equipments are in good technical situation (mechanics and electronics), maintenance done regularly by Heidelberg Engineers. It has been in production till 15th July 2021, currently dismantled and stored in our workshop. We are available to reassembly it and to make work test to show its functionality before shipment.

Delivery time : immediate.

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